DRAW was founded in 2008 at the RCA to celebrate crossovers between disciplines, promote drawing as a specialism and share it as an expanding practice. At a time when everyone does everything in art, drawing has not gone away. It crosses the space between the arts, following its own track – contemporary and timeless. Drawing is instinct not reason, but it helps you work things out. In our digital age people are attracted to it, but are nervous because it’s so difficult to do well. We will keep drawing.

– Anne Howeson

DRAW Collective

DRAW, a seminar series at the Royal College of Art, founded by Artists and Tutors of Visual Communication Anne Howeson and Catherine Anyango, has represented many things over the years. DRAW is a conversation and collective and now community all with a common thread of drawing.

DRAW as a collective represents interpretations of all forms of contemporary drawing and opens up on-going conversations about the place of drawing in industry, practice and research. This group will provide a dedicated space for alumni of DRAW to continue to share such ideas, findings and projects as a community.